About Lakewood Injury Treatment Center


About Us

Lakewood Injury Treatment Center (LWITC) is a unique facility that offers a multidisciplinary approach to treating patients with auto injuries, workplace injuries and personal injuries under one roof. This coordinated approach allows for direct interaction between all providers involved in the patient’s care. By having direct communication, changes in a patient’s condition can be discussed and evaluated faster. Patients that are not progressing are not left drifting while they wait for their next medical appointment since providers have the ability to communicate face to face on a daily basis.
About Lakewood Injury Treatment Center

Our commitment is to quality, efficient, effective care that returns patients back to function as quickly as possible:
  • In all cases, our services are provided at one on one treatment sessions
  • All providers participate in extensive continuing education and are proficient in the latest treatment techniques
  • Five Denver metro area locations makes scheduling easy and improves compliance with appointments


In any injury case, good communication is very important in achieving an excellent outcome for the patient. We understand the need for prompt and effective communication with all healthcare providers, lawyers, insurance companies and the patient. 


All treatment is coordinated through our physicians. Great care is taken to make sure every patient gets the diagnostic and treatment needed to achieve the best possible outcome without “over treating” the patient. We understand there are often limited resources available to cover the patient’s medical care. As a result, we attempt to help the patient reach their goals as efficiently as possible.


Our providers have extensive training in producing complete objective and accurate records. All records are typed for ease of reading. All medical records requests are completed promptly and delivered in an organized packet for ease of use.


We understand the complexities and difficulties patients have navigating payment by auto insurance, workers compensation and even third party liability. As such:
  • We accept liens for third party liability (auto, personal injury)
  • We accept most worker’s compensation insurance plans
  • We have staff available that are able to assist each patient in dealing with their particular insurance

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